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The Ins and Outs of 8-Ball

Continue reading "8-Ball"

Pool Game Rules

Pool Game Rules For Your Favorite Games

Continue reading "Pool Game Rules"

Pool and Billiards Links

A Page of Pool and Billiards Links

Continue reading "Pool and Billiards Links"

The Pool and Billiards News Page

Pool and billiards news from around the world.

Continue reading "The Pool and Billiards News Page"

Pool And Pocket Billiards Resource, Items Of Interest For Pool Players

A site for pool and pocket billiards players, where game descriptions, equipment care and maintenance, playing tips, pool accessories, billiards history, links and more are just a click away.

Continue reading "Pool And Pocket Billiards Resource, Items Of Interest For Pool Players"

Pool Cue Construction

How Well-Made Is Your Pool Cue?

Continue reading "Pool Cue Construction"

The Pool Table Body

The Pool Table Body is the heart of a well-made, quality pool table.

Continue reading "The Pool Table Body"

Here Is A List Of Beginner Pool Videos

This page contains links to beginner pool videos that should greatly help the beginning pool player get up to speed quickly.

Continue reading "Here Is A List Of Beginner Pool Videos"

Billiards Room 3

A Billiards Room Can Be The Fun Center Of Your Home

Continue reading "Billiards Room 3"

How To Do Pool Table Cloth Replacement

If yo are in need of pool table clothl replacement, this where to find the guide to do it.

Continue reading "How To Do Pool Table Cloth Replacement"

Pool Table Care

Pool Table Care To Keep It In Top Form

Continue reading "Pool Table Care"

English and Side-Spin

Improve Your Game With The Use Of English And Side-Spin

Continue reading "English and Side-Spin"

Some Amazing Trick Shot Videos

Here is a collection of some amazing trick shot videos I have found.

Continue reading "Some Amazing Trick Shot Videos"

The Pool Cue Bumper

The Pool Cue Bumper is that little rubber piece on the bottom tha contacts the floor.

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Bumper"

The Pool Cue Butt Sleeve

The Pool Cue Butt Sleeve is the last section of the cue and carries over the design and decoration from the forearm.

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Butt Sleeve"

The Pool Cue Wrap

The Pool Cue Wrap is the "handle" section of the pool cue.

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Wrap"

The Pool Cue Forearm

The Pool Cue Forearm is where the pool cue maker really gets fancy and shows off his design and construction abilities.

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Forearm"

The Pool Cue Pin

The Pool Cue Pin is what holds the pool cue sections together.

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Pin"

The Pool Cue Collar

The Pool Cue Collar forms the end of the cue stick butt that holds the pin and mates up to the shaft.

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Collar"

The Pool Cue Butt

The Pool Cue Butt is where the real artistry and craftsmanship is displayed.

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Butt"

Pool Cue Rings

The Pool Cue Rings help reinforce and beautify the design of the cue.

Continue reading "Pool Cue Rings"

Pool Cue Ferrules

The Pool Cue Ferrules hold the tips on the cue stick and protect the shafts.

Continue reading "Pool Cue Ferrules"

The Pool Cue Tip

A Proper Pool Cue Tip Is Essential To Play Your Best Game

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Tip"

Pool Cue Shaft

The Pool Cue Shaft is THE Most Important Part of the Cue Stick

Continue reading "Pool Cue Shaft"

Pool Table Accessory Kits

Everything But The Table With These Pool Table Accessory Kits

Continue reading "Pool Table Accessory Kits"

Pool Table Cover

Protect Your Investment With A Pool Table Cover

Continue reading "Pool Table Cover"

Pool Cue Racks To Hold Your Sticks

Check Out The Different Pool Cue Racks

Continue reading "Pool Cue Racks To Hold Your Sticks"

Billiards Accessories

Necessary Billiards Accessories

Continue reading "Billiards Accessories"

These Billiards Scoring Systems Help You Keep Score

Billiards Scoring Systems Help You Keep Track

Continue reading "These Billiards Scoring Systems Help You Keep Score"

Pool Table Lights

Illuminate Your Table With Pool Table Lights

Continue reading "Pool Table Lights"

Pool Table Brushes

Keep It Clean With Pool Table Brushes

Continue reading "Pool Table Brushes"

Pool Bridge

Sometimes You Need A Pool Bridge

Continue reading "Pool Bridge"

Pool Ball Racks

Pool Ball Racks - Rack 'Em Up!

Continue reading "Pool Ball Racks"

Cue Case

Protect Your Cue Stick With A Cue Case

Continue reading "Cue Case"

Cue Maintenance

Keep Up With Your Cue Maintenance For Top Performance

Continue reading "Cue Maintenance"

Cue Tip Repair

Use These Tools For Cue Tip Repair

Continue reading "Cue Tip Repair"

Cue Tip Kits

Repair It Yourself With Cue Tip Kits

Continue reading "Cue Tip Kits"

Some Prefer To Use A Pool Glove

Enjoy A Slick Slide With A Pool Glove

Continue reading "Some Prefer To Use A Pool Glove"

Hand Chalk

Hand Chalk Helps Keep Your Stroke Smooth

Continue reading "Hand Chalk"

Pool Cue Chalk

Don't Miscue! Use That Pool Cue Chalk

Continue reading "Pool Cue Chalk"

Watch This Pool Table Assembly

Watch this video of how a modern pool table is built and assembled.

Continue reading "Watch This Pool Table Assembly"

pool table layout

Pool Table Layout Of The Average Pool Table

Continue reading "pool table layout"

Strange Pool Oddities From Around The World

I thought it would be fun to make a page with pool oddities and other strange stuff.

Continue reading "Strange Pool Oddities From Around The World"

The Pool Cue Joint

The Pool Cue Joint is what joins the different sections of the pool cue together.

Continue reading "The Pool Cue Joint"

Billiards History Through The Ages

Billiards History Is A Fascinating Journey Through The Past

Continue reading "Billiards History Through The Ages"

Pool Room Furniture

Pool Room Furniture Completes The Look

Continue reading "Pool Room Furniture"

Billiards Room 2

A Billiards Room Really Adds something To Your Home

Continue reading "Billiards Room 2"

Billiards Room

Spice Up Your Billiards Room With The Best In Equipment And Accessories

Continue reading "Billiards Room"

Pool Etiquette

Good Pool Etiquette Makes It More Fun For Everybody

Continue reading "Pool Etiquette"


The Ins And Outs Of 9-Ball

Continue reading "9-Ball"