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My name is Ernie Reynolds and, as you may have guessed about me, I love to play pool.

I have been playing pool ever since I was able to finagle the quarters to put in the bowling alley pool table when I was a kid.

I'd often watch the older guys play and think about how magical it was to be able to make two round objects move at the precise angles necessary to find the pocket and sink the balls.

It still fascinates and delights me when I make a difficult cut or bank shot.

My favorite game is 8-ball, but I'll play just about anything. Most of my adult pool-playing has occurred in bars where I've met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun.

In recent years, I have become quite fascinated with something else as well - the internet. The sheer amount of information available on every subject, from all over the world, is mind-boggling.

One thing I discovered while surfing the web was that, although there are many suppliers of pool tables, cue sticks, and accessories to be found, there aren't many sites that actually bring together all the different aspects of the sport.

I thought that a site about the different games, billiards history, and maybe how the equipment and accessories are put together and operate would be interesting and informative.

Pool and Pocket Billiards Resource is the result of that thinking, and is my attempt to give back a little to the world of pool and billiards that I have enjoyed for so long.

Luckily, I discovered a company that helps people with no experience build web sites and generate the traffic that gets them noticed.

I still love to play pool, and now I have an outlet to hopefully spread that love to others.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and plan to come back again to see what else I've added as time goes by.

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