Billiards Accessories To Round Out Your Game

Playing pool is just like any other sport - if you want to play your best you need some quality billiards accessories and equipment. Besides the table, the cue stick, and a place to play, there are a number of items that any well-equipped pool room should have on hand.

  • That cue stick needs to be chalked to insure good contact with the cue ball. In addition to cue chalk , many folks like to use some hand chalk for a nice smooth stroke. It comes in the form of solid or talc.

  • Don't like chalk on your hands? Then you'll probably want a pool glove.

  • Occasionally the cue tip will need to be reshaped or replaced. There are kits available for this. See the pages on cue tip repair and cue maintenance for info on doing this job.

  • You'll need a cue case case to protect your baby from harm. Different types are available as well as cases that carry multiple sticks.

  • Of course you can't even start to play until you've racked the balls. You'll want a triangle rack for that, or, if your game is 9-ball, you'll need a diamond-shaped rack .

  • For those shots that you just can't quite reach there's the bridge .

  • To insure you can see those shots perfectly, a pool table light is a necessity. There are several styles to choose from.

  • If you are a straight pool shooter you'll need some sort of score-keeping system . There are a couple of options for this- the abacus style or the overhead string and bead type.

  • A must for keeping the pool room neat and tidy is the pool cue rack . Wall-mounted and free-standing are the most popular types of these pool accessories available, with styles ranging from super simple to very extravagant.

  • You can't just have a pool table sitting naked in the middle of your billiards room can you? Different kinds of furniture for the pool room can be obtained. Spectator chairs, tables, or even a bar can spice up your billiard or game room.

  • When you're all done playing for the day a pool table cover is just the thing to keep your table clean and dust-free for the next time. There are different options here too.

As with most things in life, you won't regret buying good-quality billiards accessories. Your pool table can last for generations, and with proper care, the supporting supplies and accessories that go with it will as well.

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