Improve Your Billiards Aiming Technique

Playing good pool is all about your billiards aiming technique. Once you get your style and technique down you will start to "see" the shots much more clearly, and you WILL win more pool games.

Developing an aiming method that works consistently can pay big dividends on the pool table. In fact, it is very doubtful whether you can ever become a top echelon player without it.

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Our sister site, Pool For Beginners has a substantial How-To-Aim section with advice on developing your aiming skills. Cut shots, banks, kick shots, and the tangent line are all described and explained in plain English. When you have mastered these types of pool shots you are well on your way to joining the upper echelon of pool and billiards players.

Beginning pool players will find these pages especially helpful, as they will allow the beginner to advance more quickly, and learn these techniques faster than they would on their own. The seasoned player can also benefit from the exposure to these basic methods of aiming and making shots.

Take a look at the How-To-Aim section and see if it can help you take your game to the next level. I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have on how I could improve the offerings there. Send me a message on the Comments Page. Thanks.

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