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A billiards room is hard to beat for fun and entertainment if you enjoy the game of pool and have a large enough room in your home.

Depending on your taste, there are pool tables and accessories in just about any style you can desire.

With the addition of a bar, TV, a stereo system, and maybe some video games, the billiards room can be a place the whole family will use and enjoy.

A pool table does take some room to enjoy properly however. You have to allow for enough space around the table, from the cushions out, to absorb the length of the pool cue plus about 12 inches for the stroke. This will insure that you won't be too cramped to make the shot when the balls are along the rail.

Any furniture surrounding the table area must be taken into account as well. The following section details the minimum room size necessary to comfortably fit a pool table.

classy pool room

7 foot table - 3.5' x 7'
Approx. Playing Surface - 39" x 78"

Cue Length Minimum Room Size
48" 11'3" x 14'6"
52" 11'3" x 15'2"
57" 12'9" x 16'0"

8 Foot Table - 4' x 8'
Approx. Playing Surface - 44" x 88"

Cue Length Minimum Room Size
48" 11'8" x 15'4"
52" 12'4" x 16'0"
57" 13'2" x 16'10"

9 Foot Table - 4.5' x 9'
Approx. Playing Surface - 50" x 100"

Cue Length Minimum Room Size
48" 12'2" x 16'4"
52" 12'10" x 17'0"
57" 13'8" x 17"10"

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