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Another consideration in a billiards room that must be taken into account is the weight of the pool table, as they can be very heavy, easily in excess of 1,000 pounds.

This weight, combined with that of the people in attendance and other furniture, mandate a strong, solid floor underneath.

Before the table ever arrives is a good time to check out the condition and strength of floor and perform any upgrades that may be necessary to insure the integrity of the pool table installation.

nice pool table room

A floor that sags when people walk around will cause the table to move, as well as the balls, and can cause your perfectly levelled slate to quickly become out of alignment. Contact a carpenter or building inspector to take a look if you don't feel qualified to make the inspection or upgrades.

Plan your room ahead of time to get that perfect location for the pool table. Once a table is setup and levelled, you don't want it to move ever again. It is advisable to get a professional installation done with a new table since it is critical that the slate is perfectly level to insure the best play possible.

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