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If you buy a brand new table for your billiards room, some companies will include the setup as part of the price, while others will charge you extra.

Of course with a used table you are on your own. You can pay someone to set it up or give it a try yourself.

While you're planning your table location, be sure to include an electrical outlet for your pool table light.

Many pool table light fixtures contain three individual lights in a row to illuminate the whole table surface. You'll want to hang your light about three feet above the table surface for optimum visibility. There are hundreds of styles and models of lights to choose from, and the right light will add just that right touch of class to your room.

gorgeous pool room

Pool cue racks come in a couple different types - Wall-mounted and floor models. You can get as simple or as fancy as you like with the many styles of racks that are out there. The fancier racks have places to store balls, chalk, ball racks, and other accessories as well as scoring devices for those games that keep score. Many different colors, materials, and options are available.

Billiards themed furniture is another thing to consider in a well-designed room. Chairs and stools are built with the seat a little higher than normal to afford spectators a view of the pool table playing surface. Such furniture sometimes includes cue stick holders and receptacles for the drinks that will often be served. Some manufacturers offer pool tables with matching furniture for the discriminating designer.

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