Billiards Scoring Systems

Billiards scoring systems used to be standard items in the billiard rooms of the past when straight pool was in its heyday.

Anyone who has been in an old pool room or billiards hall would probably recall seeing the long strings of scoring beads along the ceiling.

With the decline in popularity of straight pool lately, I don't believe there is as much call for scoring devices as there used to be. However, if you are a straight pool player, they are still available, and here are a couple different types.

This is the old-style score beads of yesteryear. They are usually stretched along the top part of a wall or suspended from the ceiling and are manipulated with the cue stick.

score beads

The following billiards scoring system is quite attractive and elegant and hangs on the wall of your pool room. It's made of brass and mahogany and features sliders on a track for each player to keep his score.

sliding score keeper

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