The World Of Cue Tip Repair

Let's face it, if you play a lot of pool, you'll have to indulge in a little cue tip repair occasionally. It's not a big deal, but, like everything else in the world, there's a right way to do it and a wrong way. If you want to get the most out of your cue stick and play your best pool, then naturally, you do it the right way. Hopefully, the following will get you pointed in the right direction.

There are several different tools for performing cue tip repair. Among these are the cue tip sander, which, after the old tip is removed, clamps to the shaft and sands it straight across and even to receive the new tip. The cue tip clamp holds and centers the new tip on the shaft while the glue dries.

spacer 2 cue sander tip clamp

Two types are glue are shown - an instant cure crazy glue type, and a ten minute cure cement type glue.

spacer 3 spacer 1 spacer 3 fast dry tip glue spacer 1 spacer 3 glue 2

Once a new tip is attached, it needs to be shaped to the proper radius for optimum cue ball control. A couple cue shapers are shown - both have a shaper on one side and a scuffer on the other. The scuffer roughens the cue tip to allow it to hold chalk better.

cue shaper 1 cue shaper 2

The next type of tool is made to trim the sides of the cue tip to make it flush with the ferrule. These gadgets are often called mushroom cutters because they trim the tip where it "mushrooms" beyond the sides of the ferrule after repeated use. This tool is also used to trim over-sized tips to the same diameter as the shaft.

mushroom 1 mushroom 2

After your new tip is installed, all trimmed up and scuffed, the burnishing tool does its thing to smoothen and harden the tip edge. It is used in conjunction with burnishing liquid.

spacer 1 tip burnisher burnish liquid

Other cue tip repair tools are made to help with that all-important chalk retention. Tip picks are tools that rough up the leather tip providing peaks and valleys where chalk can gather, thereby retaining more chalk on the tip to provide a better grab on the cue ball.

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Finally, the shaft slicker employs a Scotch-Brite type pad to very lightly sand the shaft to clean it and remove any roughness. The shaft polisher is a suede leather pad which also cleans the shaft and makes it very smooth so it slides easily through your fingers when shooting.

spacer 2 shaft slicker shaft polisher

A couple of cue tip repair kits containing various components of the above mentioned tools and gadgets are available. The Tweeten home repair kit and the Rockwell home repair kit both contain most of these items as well as chalk, ferrules, and replacement head and foot spots for the pool table felt.

tweeten kit rockwell kit

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