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Some call it Pool, some call it Pocket Billiards. Whatever you call it, you gotta love it!

So..... It's Friday night at the bar. My buddies are there and they are looking to kick some pool-playing butt. I put my quarters on the table behind the 3 or 4 sets that are already there. Hmmm, this could take a little while. OK, finally my game comes up. I rack the balls and off we go.

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The game's going pretty well when, uh oh, I didn't get the cue ball position I wanted and I leave myself an impossible shot. D'oh! Joe Shark (my opponent) steps up and runs the table and sinks the eight ball. Damn! Oh well, nothing to do but put some more quarters up and wait another hour.....

I don't know about you, but I got awfully tired of losing and waiting for my next game. This really put the fire in me to improve my skills so that I could be the guy on the table all night, playing and drinking for free, while somebody else did the waiting. It took years...

While nothing beats practice and more practice, a little knowledge can go a long way towards making you the one with all the playing time instead of the shmuck buying the drinks all night. Ball speed, English, follow and draw, position and safety play, a smooth stroke, confidence and concentration, reading the table, and even the right stick and tip can all have a tremendous effect on whether you win or lose. And if you're going to play, you might as well win, right?

Here at Pool and Pocket Billiards Resource we've put together a comprehensive collection of tips, information, and instruction to supply today's players with the advantages they need to be the stud instead of the dud.

We'll introduce you to the latest equipment that the industry has to offer and how to maintain and care for it to best advantage. Don't miss the links page, where you will find shortcuts to the various pool and billiards publications and other relevent sites that are out there.

Since I live in the USA, this site is slanted towards the American versions of things. Of course I mean no slight whatsoever to my overseas friends.

Whatever your game - 8-ball, 9-ball, straight pool, or one of the many other varieties, we hope you enjoy your visit.

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