Pool Ball Racks - Rack 'Em Up!

Pool ball racks are essential accessories around a pool table. Before the game can start the balls need to be racked. Most pool and pocket billiards games use the triangle to rack the standard fifteen balls.

The only exception I know of is the diamond-shaped rack for the nine balls of the game 9-ball. Ball racks are generally made of wood or some type of plastic or acrylic.

The following racks are pretty much standard issue - the one on the left is wood, while on the right side it's an acrylic rack.

wood rack acrylic rack

These are the diamond-shaped racks made for 9-ball. On the left we have natural wood and on the right black painted wood.

9-ball wood rack 9-ball rack black

Images courtesy of http://www.RockwellBilliards.com

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