The Pool Bridge Is My Friend...

It's time to haul out the pool bridge when you get a shot where you just can't comfortably reach the cue ball. There are several types available. Here are a few...

First we have the old pool room standby, the aluminum bridge. An old cue stick is inserted in the hole and is held in place with a screw..

aluminum bridge picture

Next we have basically the same thing only in plastic. It also slides onto the stick and attaches with a screw.

plastic bridge picture

This next pool bridge is pretty interesting. It slides on the end of your cue stick and rolls back and forth as you move the cue. It's approved by the APA and BCA so you can use it in your pool league.

new type wheel bridge picture

This next bridge comes as an assembly. The stick unscrews into two pieces and the bridge part slides off, making this a good one to take on the road.

break down bridge stick

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