The Pool Cue Butt

The pool cue butt is what may be considered the "fancy handle" of the pool cue. This section contains the forearm, wrap, butt sleeve, and bumper parts of the stick. This is also where the majority of the expense of the cue stick originates.

pool cue butt 1

While the butt section of a cheaper pool stick may be rather plain, this is the area where the master pool cue craftsman really shows his stuff on an expensive cue. All types of inlay work and exotic paint schemes are created. From sports team logos and other advertising, to bizarre graphics, to custom artwork - you name it and you will probably find it on the butt of a pool cue.

pool cue butt 2

The wrap section of the butt is where the shooter grabs the stick. This wrap may be made of leather, linen, thread, or other material. These types of wrap are believed to absorb the sweat from the hands and provide a better grip. Some players prefer the feel of the wood on their stick, so many pool cues are made with no wrap at all.

pool cue butt 3

The butt of most cues is hollowed out to accept the weights, which allow the shooter to adjust the cue to his preferred lightness or heaviness. Different weights are substituted until the stick weighs the correct number of ounces that the stick owner prefers.

The final part of the butt is the bumper. Usually made of rubber, this bumper provides a soft surface for the cue to rest on when it is stood upright on the floor, and it helps prevent nicks and blemishes to this end of the cue.

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