Pool Cue Chalk For Better Cue Control

One of the basic essentials in pool and billiards play is pool cue chalk. Without a well-chalked cue stick, it's almost impossible to get the kind of cue ball control and finess you need to play a quality game of pool.

Skilled pool players chalk their stick before nearly every shot to insure good cue contact and prevent miscues.

Chalk is cheap, and its also cheap insurance against a bad hit on a crucial shot in an important pool match. It's important to keep your cue tip in optimum condition so it holds on to the chalk until you strike the cue ball.

cue chalk

If your cue tip is too slick, the chalk will just flake off after it is applied, and won't be there to give you the right friction on the cue ball that is so necessary for the use of English and top and bottom spin. A little cue maintenance to rough up the tip occasionally will really help in this regard.

If you play pool anywhere but at professional tournaments or in your own home, there's a chance that the supplied cue chalk may not be very good, or there may not be any available at all.

For this reason many players like to bring their own chalk with them so they can be sure to have some quality chalk on hand. There are several devices on the market that enable a pool player to keep his personal chalk handy and convenient.

The object on the left is a chalk holder that clips to your clothes and features a spring-loaded string that extends out up to 30 inches. When you need to chalk your stick, you just grab the chalk, pull out the string, chalk up, and the string retracts back into its case, out of the way and ready for the next use.

On the right is a chalk holder that has a pencil-sized shaft attached. With this device, you chalk up your cue and then slip the shaft into a pocket, where it is conveniently held in between shots.

chalk holder 1 chalk holder 2

The next two chalk holders are slightly different configurations of the same device. They both feature a magnetic holder that clips to the belt and a metal chalk case that magnetically sticks to the holder.

chalk holder 3 spacer 2 chalk holder 4

Pool cue chalk comes in many colors. It is advisible to buy it in a color that matches your table felt color to minimize the messy look of chalk dust on the table surface between brushings. Below are just a few of the many colors available.

spacer 3 chalk 1 spacer 3 chalk 7 spacer 3 chalk 3

spacer 3 chalk 4 spacer 3 chalk 5 spacer 3 chalk 6

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