The Pool Cue Collar

The pool cue collar forms the end of the pool stick butt that joins up with the shaft. This collar contains the threaded pin that screws into the mating threaded hole in the shaft section.

pool cue collar 3

pool cue collar 4

Depending on the stick, the collar is made of various materials - steel, phenolic resin, plastic, wood, ivory, or others. It is usually glued to the butt and serves to strengthen this end of the cue butt and provides a solid point of energy transfer between the shaft and butt sections of the cue.

Depending on the construction of the collar and its mating component on the shaft, the feel of the pool cue can be very sensitive or not very sensitive at all. For the player that desires the utmost sensitivity, the cue may be made with no collar all, but rather just the wood of the two sections mating up at the joint with a pin to hold the shaft and butt together.

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