Pool Cue Ferrules

Pool cue ferrules are the white tip of the cue stick that holds the cue tip. The ferrule is made with a flat surface for the tip to glue to and provides support to the end of the cue shaft. The ones shown on the left are the standard type, while the ones on the right come with the cue tips pre-installed.

cue tip ferrule

cue tip ferrule 2

Ferrules are mostly made of hard plastic, but other materials such as plastic composites and even genuine elephant ivory may be used. The ferrule must be of very strong construction to withstand the tremendous force of the cue stick contacting the cue ball, especially during the break.

Pool cue ferrules are attached to the cue stick either by slipping over the end of the shaft and being glued, or they screw on to threads that are part of the shaft tip. Cue tip ferrules are made in different diameters and lengths depending on the manufacturer and user preference.

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