The Pool Cue Forearm

The pool cue forearm is the section of the pool cue butt that is between the joint collar and the wrap. Usually made of rock maple, the forearm, along with the butt sleeve, is where most of the decoration and unique design work on the cue is displayed.

pool cue forearm 1

The forearm is where the master cue maker really works his magic. This section of the pool cue is also where the most work is performed, therefore, it is the part that you are paying the most for when you buy a fancy cue stick.

pool cue forearm 2

Many higher end pool cues display some very intricate inlay work in this section. Exotic woods such as ebony, walnut, zebrawood, and more are inlayed, as well as abalone, mother-of-pearl, semi-precious stones and minerals, and a wealth of other beautiful materials.

pool cue forearm 3

Less expensive cues may be adorned with wood veneers, decals, different paint schemes, and other design elements. The rock maple that most decent sticks are made of is itself an attractive material, and some cue makers simply give this section a good finish and leave it at that.

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