The Pool Cue Pin

The pool cue pin is literally what holds the different sections of the pool cue together. The pin is usually permanently inserted into the collar section of the cue butt, with its threads exposed. These threads screw into the mating threaded hole in the shaft section.

pool cue pin 1

pool cue pin 2

The pin is most often made of metals such as steel, brass, or bronze. On a cheaper pool cue, the pin may actually be a section of the wood of the butt that is machined to have threads, which will mate with a machined and threaded wooden hole in the shaft.

In the pictures above, the brass pin on the left has threads along its whole length. The picture on the right shows a quick-release type pin that is threaded only at its base, on the portion of the pin that is exposed, so that there are fewer threads to unscrew to disassemble the cue stick sections.

pool cue joint protectors

Because the threaded section of the pin is exposed when the cue stick is disassembled, it is a very good idea to use joint protectors. The most important joint protector to use is the one that covers the exposed pin and protects it from harm.

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