Pool Cue Racks Keep The Billiards Room Neat

Pool cue racks help keep your pool room nice and organized.

Leaning your cue sticks on the wall can leave chalk marks all over and will warp your cues eventually.

This can also lead to the sticks tipping over on to the floor and knocking the tips off.

A good cue rack will prevent these problems and, depending on the style you have, may also hold your table brush, ball racks, spare chalk, and extra balls.

There are many styles available and there's a good chance that you can find one to fit your room decor. Many of the wooden racks are available in different stain colors and wood types.

If you've ever played pool in a bar you've seen one of the following type cue racks. This is the most basic configuration and is naturally the cheapest, but it does the job. The pool cue shaft clips into the first one and slides in the hole in the second.

clip rack hole rack

Wall racks of course come in much fancier configurations. These racks are a step up from the basic rack, moving more into the realm of furniture than just basic utility. The rack on the right has ball counters for two players and an accessories drawer.

wall rack drawer wall rack

Fancier still, these cue racks hold just about all your pool table accessories in one attractive package. As mentioned earlier, these pool cue racks come in a variety of woods and shades to match your existing room and furniture.

cue rack 1 cue rack 2

Also available are cue racks which fit right into the walls of your pool room. These racks give a nice slick look to your pool table area. They do take some carpentry work to install, but it's nothing that couldn't be tackled by your everyday handyman.

in wall oak in wall honey in wall cherry

Pool cue racks also come in many different floor models, some simple, some fancy. These racks have the advantage of being portable in case you want to move things around once in a while. Depending on which type you buy, they can also double as tables for your drinks and whatnot.

corner rack floor rack metal rack

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