The Pool Cue Rings

The pool cue rings on a cue stick serve a couple different functions. Primarily, they are meant to reinforce the vulnerable joint portion of the cue. The rings, usually made of bronze, brass, or metal alloys, wrap around the wood of the cue and strengthen it.

pool cue ring 2

pool cue ring 1

Pool stick rings also add to the pleasing design of a pool cue. They serve to frame the fancy inlays of the butt and, when they are added to both the shaft and butt of the cue, add a symmetrical look to the overall design.

Not all cue sticks include rings in their construction. The cues called Sneaky Petes are meant to resemble a common one-piece cue stick, so they will not have any visible rings present. Of course, the more expensive and fancy a stick is, the more likely it will have multiple examples of this important feature.

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