The Pool Cue Tip

A proper pool cue tip is absolutely essential to playing your best game of pool. A $1000 pool cue is useless if the tip is all messed up and won't hold chalk correctly. After all, the whole point of the cue stick is to be able hit the cue ball in a certain way.

pool cue tips

Luckily, it isn't all that difficult to keep your cue tip in top condition. Replacing and maintaining a tip is basically a do-it-yourself job as described on the cue tip repair page.

The majority of cue tips are made from treated, compressed leather. They range in size from 11.75mm to 14mm in width, depending on the diameter of the cue shaft, with the average being 13mm in diameter. Except for the screw-on type, they are usually glued to the ferrule.

pool cue tips 2

Cue tips come in different hardness levels. The soft ones are thought to give better cue control with greater chalk retention. The harder cue tips transfer more power to the cue ball and maintain their shape longer.

After a new tip is installed, it is shaped to have a domed profile so that it hits the cue ball correctly at any angle. The tip is also scuffed or poked with a special pick tool to create some pockets in the surface of the tip to hold the chalk.

It is very important to keep the tip well-chalked when shooting so that the cue stick gets a good grab of the cue ball and doesn't slide off and miscue. It's a good practice to chalk the tip before every shot.

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