The Pool Cue Wrap

The pool cue wrap section of the pool stick is where the hand actually grabs the cue to shoot. This section of the stick is situated so that the cue feels balanced in the hand when shooting. The section of the butt where the wrap is applied is usually turned down some on a lathe to form a slightly smaller diameter, so that the wrap area will fit flush with the rest of the cue.

pool cue wrap 1

pool cue wrap 2

pool cue wrap 3

The wrap is used to protect the cue from the sweat and oils of the shooter's hands. It also provides a better grip of the cue that some pool shooters prefer. Irish linen is probably the most popular material for cue wraps. This linen is in the form of a string that is wrapped very tightly around the butt and glued. Several examples are shown above.

pool cue wrap 4

Another popular material for cue wraps is leather. As shown above, the leather is in the form of a narrow strip which is tightly wrapped around the cue butt. All kinds of exotic leathers are available such as snake skin, alligator, ostrich, eel, stingray, lizard, and many more.

pool cue wrap 5

Some pool shooters prefer the feel of the wood when shooting, so many pool cues are made without a wrap at all. This actually provides the cue maker with more area to decorate the cue butt, and many take full advantage of this, as shown on the fancy butt directly above.

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