A Pool Glove Helps The Slide

Some pool players don't like getting chalk on their hands. For these folks there's the pool glove. The thumb, index finger, and middle finger - the bridge fingers - are the ones covered by this accessory.

The glove permits a nice, smooth, consistant stroke by cutting down on the friction between the fingers and the shaft and also prevents the abrasive action of hand chalk on the cue shaft that happens over time.

The glove on the left comes in the various colors shown and is reversible for use on either hand. The one on the right is for right-handers only and has the fingertips cut off to afford a more positive feel on the felt. It also features a leather palm and a velcro fastener at the wrist.

spacer 1 pool glove 1 spacer 2 pool glove 2

Images courtesy of http://www.RockwellBilliards.com

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