Strange Pool Oddities From Around The World

flaming pool table

L-shaped pool table

This first picture on the left, courtesy of kevan can't!, shows the quick and easy way of disposing of an old pool table. You wouldn't get away with this one in the city, but if you're in the boonies, what the heck.

The picture above right, courtesy of Pete Sturman, is a funky L-shaped pool table with eight pockets that sure looks heavy. It also appears to be outside, but where? No idea.

zig-zag pool tab

bizarre pool table

These two tables are of the zig-zag variety, or should I say they are each made of two pool tables that are grafted at the hip? I have no idea what kind of games are played on these tables - maybe some kind of mutant 8-ball? If you notice in the right picture, there are two racks displayed with seven balls in each and the eight ball in the middle. On the left is courtesy of Jermeister and the right pkripper503.

round pool table

round pool table 2

Here are a couple of round shaped pool tables, one with four pockets and the other with six. I'm guessing that you don't make a lot of rail shots on these tables. Do my eyes deceive me or is that a hole in the middle of the blue table??? I personally have never played on a round table, but what the heck, I'll try anything once. Picture on the left is courtesy of sleepyjones and the right is blackbeltjones.

angled pool table

funky pool table

Here on the left we have another L-shaped pool table shown in actual use. It seems to me that you could come up with some really complicated bank shots on a table like this. This picture courtesy of LaCrosse Lebowski.

The table on the right appears very bizarre to me. It looks like it has only two pockets, and if I had to guess, I would say the shooters are playing some kind of carom game. Anybody know what this table is all about? Again, banking on this table would seem to be quite a challenge. Courtesy of badjonni.

This next video is about a bizarre looking glass pool table. The balls are always exposed, as is everything else on this table. Even the material they use for the table cloth is transparent.

The video below that is someone's idea of a vanishing pool table. They spent some serious money and put a lot of work into this creation. For what they spent on this, they could have probably added a room for the pool table.

The following video may not be way up there in pool oddities, but I thought it was interesting, and certainly not something that you see every day. It is in French, and I have absolutely no clue what the people are saying, but pool speaks in the universal language, n'est pas? It's pretty cool how the balls go back and forth between different tables. I often wonder how long it takes to set one of these stunts up.

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