Dress Up Your Game Room With Pool Room Furniture

Your billiards area just won't look complete without some quality pool room furniture. From spectator chairs and tables to lamps to a fully stocked bar - it all adds up to a comfortable, functional, and attractive place in your home to relax and entertain.

Besides the usual entertainment centers, end tables, and overstuffed chairs and couches, specialty pool room furniture can make the difference between a so-so billiards room and one you can be proud of.

If you plan to have guests over to play pool you'll need some place for them to sit and enjoy the action. Spectator chairs are made with the seat raised to the proper level for viewing the table surface. The following models come complete with drink holders and cue stick rests.

spacer 1 pool chair 3 pool chair 1 pool chair

These chairs are made for multiple people, with the one on the left including a convenient table.

pool chair 4 pool chair 5

The following table lamps come in various college team logos while the hanging lamp sports a billiards logo.

pool light 1 pool light 2 pool light

Maybe a bar is more to your liking. In that case, as usual, there are many styles available. Two are shown below.

bar1 bar 2

Of course you'll need some bar stools to go with your new bar. Several different styles are shown below.

spacer 1 bar stool 1 spacer 2 bar stool 2 spacer 2 bar stool 3

Maybe you don't have room for a free-standing bar or you just want something unusual. One or more of the following attractive, in-wall, recessed mini-bars could be installed in your billiard room. The unit on the left has a liquor dispenser and on the right is a wine cabinet.

in wall bar 1 in wall bar 2 in wall bar 3

Images courtesy of http://www.RockwellBilliards.com

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