Pool Table Brushes

Every pool table should have at least one of the different types of pool table brushes handy.

Chalk, dust, ashes, and dirt collect on the table surface and need to be swept away occasionally.

Cue chalk is abrasive to the felt, and can, through the action of ball movement, start to eat away at the nap of the cloth.

The ideal way to use the brushes would be to sweep everything in one pile and vacuum it up, but most people I've seen just sweep it into a pocket hole. Kind of like sweeping it under the rug. Whatever.

One type of pool table brush is called the tri-brush for obvious reasons. It has three rows of bristles - the shorter ones for brushing the table and the longer for getting under the rails. The brush on the left is made of horse hair and the one on the right is nylon.

horse hair tri-brush nylon tri-brush

The next type of brush is the one I've seen most often. Again there are two lengths of bristles for cleaning the table proper and under the rails. On the left horse hair, on the right nylon.

horse hair brush nylon brush

This brush is purpose-made for sweeping under the rails. It has a handle, nylon bristles, and is used in a horizontal manner for when you want it REALLY clean under those rails.

under rail brush

While pool table brushes do a pretty good job of cleaning off your pool table, they don't remove everything. The really fine stuff gets pushed down into the nap of the felt where the bristles can't reach it.

Here is a product called "Quick Clean" that works differently. It is a spray that you mist on to the table cloth that turns into a foam. The foam grabs the dirt and chalk particles out of the nap and holds them in suspension where they can be removed by wiping off the foam. Pretty neat.

pool table cleaner

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