Pool Table Care For Your Baby

A pool table is a pretty sturdy piece of equipment that doesn't require a lot of pool table care but, like anything else, a little periodic maintenance can help keep it in prime condition.

By keeping on top of some of the following little things, your table will give you years of trouble-free service.

The "green" or cloth of your pool or billiards table is probably the most fragile part. Anything besides water that is spilled on it will more than likely leave a stain that won't wash off.

For this reason, it is very advisable to keep all drinks and liquids off of the table, and if anything is spilled, blot it up immediately to minimize the damage. Cigarettes and all other foreign objects are best kept away from the pool table as well to prevent burn holes and excessive soiling of the felt.

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With a new cloth, small bits of the nap will eventually be seen scattered over the felt, but this is normal. As a part of normal pool table care, just sweep and/or vacuum them up so the balls continue to roll true.

The more play that occurs on the table, the faster the felt will show signs of wear. White spots and lines will begin to appear, especially along the rails and in the rack area.

Players should be discouraged from dropping balls roughly on the table or attempting masse and jump shots, as these will cause more spots to appear faster. Horseplay should also be strongly discouraged around the table to avoid tears and blemishes in the felt, and cue tips should be shaped correctly to prevent sharp areas that could damage the cloth.

An occasional sweeping with a pool table brush and vacuuming of the table will certainly help prevent premature wearing of the green. A pool table cover is a good way to keep the dust off the table when it is not in use. The felt should be replaced every five or so years under normal play, or even sooner if the table gets heavy use.

The rails and woodwork require very little pool table care. Just a periodic wipe with a soft dry rag and maybe a little wax or lemon oil will keep them looking good. Avoid getting any chemicals on the felt though. Discourage folks from sitting on the rails as the metal studs in their jeans and jewelry can scratch the wooden surfaces and their weight can loosen the rails and cushions.

The pockets of many pool tables are leather and can benefit from the occasional wipe with a damp cloth. Should they appear to be drying out, the application of a little saddle soap will help keep them supple and minimize any scuffs that are apparent.

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