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The pool table cloth, also called the felt, covers the actual playing area of the pool table.

The slate bed and cushions are wrapped in this 21-24 ounce billiard cloth.

In today's pool tables, the felt can be a woven wool, a wool/cotton blend, or wool/nylon blend material.

There are different naps of cloth, depending on the use of the particular table.

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pool table cloth

The table cloth on a bar table will generally be a thicker, blended cloth to stand up to the abuse it will take, while a tournament cloth will usually be a thinner, worsted wool. This higher quality tournament felt has a much smoother nap, allowing for more finesse to the play and a faster roll.

pool table felt colors

As seen by the picture, pool table felt comes in many different colors. The most common seems to be green, probably as a reminder of the origins of the game when it was played on a green lawn.

It is also available with many different designs, such as beer and sports team logos and with a wide assortment of pictures printed on the felt.

My own personal preference is green, as it is what I am used to and is a color I like. I have never played on a table with a logo design or picture on it, but I would think it would be quite distracting.

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Images courtesy of bryan472 and Rockwell Billiards.

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