Pool Table Lights To Illuminate Your Game

Pool table lights are an attractive and often necessary addition to a pool table. They light up the billiards table in an otherwise dark bar and they can add a real touch of class to a home recreation room.

Since the lights are meant to light up the pool table surface and not the room, they are usually mounted from 32" to 36" above the table surface, depending on what looks right. And what size light should you get for your size table? The following chart gives you some idea.

7 Foot Table

40" - 57" Table Light

8 Foot Table

48" - 60" Table Light

9 Foot Table

57" - 83" Table Light

Whether you are a professional or college sports fan, a beer drinker, or just a person who likes beautiful things in their home, there's a light that is made with your taste in mind. The following are just a few of the hundreds of styles and designs of table lights available.

The standard in pool table lighting is the three-light fixture. The following are a couple on the lower scale of the spectrum.

3 shade green 3 shade standard

Moving up the design scale a bit in three-light fixtures are the following entries.

3 shade glass 1 3 shade glass 2

For a longer 9 foot table, the following four-light fixtures will fit the bill.

4 light 1 4 light 2

If you enjoy the ambiance of stained glass, these table lights should be to your liking.

stained glass 1 stained glass 2

For the beer drinking fans in the house, there are plenty of beer logo lights. Here are a couple.

beer light 1 beer light 2

And for the hardcore sports fans, the following pool table fixtures are available in your favorite college or NFL team's logo.

college light NFL light

Images courtesy of http://www.RockwellBilliards.com

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